The Hobby Expo

China, as a professional model pageant which is typical and influential in Asian-Pacific region, has closed with the warm atmosphere in April 23th,2016.

Many amazing high-tech productions appears on the exhibition ,no doubt, drones are the spotlight of whole event. 

As one of the biggest exhibitor, MOLA brings a surprise smashing the traditional opinion about drones.

The design of booth expresses the flying philosophy of MOLA, ENJOY FLR, ENJOY LIFE.

Tourist 1 attracted people’s eyes for its unique design. Tourist 1, So far the world's SMALLEST and LIGHTEST UAV with 3-axis gimbal and high-definition camera, owing folding wings which is extremely easy to carry. 

12 megapixel definition for photo and 1080P Full HD video capture provide you a amazing shooting experience. While, video editing APP assists to make cool film at your will. It supports APP Intelligent Control, One Touch Leads Flying. As an UAV with memory function, it is capable of memorizing and storing numbers of flight routes. In addition, the Collision Avoidance function can guarantee the safe through auto-detecting of obstacles on the route ahead in order to avoid collision risk.

If you are interested with MOLA, you can visit our official website

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  • mola模拉|模拉|mola|模拉无人机|四轴飞行器|mola无人机|莫拉