• TOURIST 1 Standard
    Easy to Go , Feast Your Eyes

    Foldable wings,Easy Carry, pleasant Travel;High definition of photograph and Real time transmission, Real time monitor;Intelligent Air Warning Systems.
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  • UFO
    Beauty in Wisdom

    Vision Lock, Intelligent track . Tech on palm , Three axis anti-shaking, Stable image quality. 3D positioning , Accurate Hovering .
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  • X 1
    Enjoy your flying in the Sky

    Subversive Rotary folding design;12 megapixel high definition photo,1080p smoothly image;Advanced EIS anti-shaking technology ,comparable with professional photography shooting effect ;GPS and Ultrasonic positioning;APP instantly share the video and photos,Freely store and share in the cloud community .
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  • mola模拉|模拉|mola|模拉无人机|四轴飞行器|mola无人机|莫拉
  • mola模拉|模拉|mola|模拉无人机|四轴飞行器|mola无人机|莫拉